Hyde Park Road – SoftSound™ Noise Wall



  1. Integrated, cost effective system offered
  2. Exact aesthetic match from phase to phase of project
  3. Premium Quality Product
  4. Engineer Designed System
  5. CSA Approved Manufacturer
  6. MTO Approved Supplier
  7. Residential and Commercial Appeal

Project Scope

The widening of Hyde Park Road in the City of London required the addition of absorptive type SoftSound™ Noise Wall Barriers to alleviate the projected increase of noise caused by he construction and projected increase in traffic volume once construction is completed.

Hyde Park Road widening has taken place in two consecutive phases. Design Concrete Systems Ltd. was awarded both phases of the Noise Barrier Walls. The SoftSound™ noise barrier on phase one of the project was identically matched in both colour and pattern for the aesthetically appealing and uniform effect desired by both the City representatives as well as the residence with home lots backing to the main road for phase two.

The walls were all manufactured by Design Concrete Systems Ltd., an Ontario based manufacturer that is an approved supplier for the MTO meeting all provincial standards for noise walls. All product manufactured is closely monitored for quality in their CSA designated, controlled facility.

The engineered design allowed the City an opportunity to save on the over all project costs by integrating the noise wall with the retaining wall aspect of the project.

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