MTO DSM # 5.50.20

Absorptive Noise Barriers

 MTO DSM # 5.50.20

Absorptive Noise Barriers

Softsound by Design™ is a proprietary precast concrete absorptive noise barrier system comprised of a composite material which is durable, lightweight and sound absorptive.

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Ideal Applications

MTO/DOT highway projects

Municipality and city roadworks/infrastructure

New residential developments

Hydro sub-station enclosures

Railway corridors

Custom enclosures

Residential privacy fences

Your project

Integrated traffic barrier systems
Acrylite/transparent panels/graphic applications
Wall copings
Post veneers and pilasters
Grates and fire hose accesses
Weeper and drain openings
Doors and gates
Custom decorative features
Anti-graffiti coatings
General contractors
Government and public agencies

Ontario Statues and Regulations (Current)

OBC – Ontario Building Code

Canadian Standards Association (Current)

CAN/CSA-S6 (CHBDC S6) – Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code

CAN/CSA-A23/A23.2 – Concrete Materials and Methods of Concrete Construction/Test methods and Standard Practices for Concrete

CSA-A23.3 (includes G164-M92) – Design of Concrete Structures

CSA-A23.4 – Precast Concrete – Materials and Construction

American Society for Testing and Materials (Current)

ASTM C666/C666 – Resistance of Concrete to Rapid Freezing and Thawing

ASTM C672/C672M – Scaling Resistance of Concrete Surfaces Exposed to Deicing Chemicals


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