SoftSound™ by Design

Absorptive Noise Barriers


MTO DSM # 5.50.20


SoftSound™ absorptive noise barrier systems are manufactured using a precast composite material that is durable, lightweight and sound absorptive. These precast wall panels are a combination of specialized proprietary components that uses cement as a binder. This combination of materials used to manufacture our SoftSound™ noise barrier system surpasses any other combination available on the market, giving our wall systems durability, strength and the high level of sound absorption desired by the consumer.


  • SoftSound™ noise barriers absorb sound instead of reflecting the noise from near by disturbances
  • Engineered panel and post system, approved by the MTO for use on Ontario’s Highways
  • Systems can be integrated with traffic barriers, retaining panels and transparent panels
  • Maintenance Free
  • Economical, light weight, easy to install with limited space required
  • Panel lengths are adjustable to accommodate bay spacing required on your site
  • Durable in any climate, offering freeze thaw resistance designed for harsh Canadian winters
  • Manufactured using non-combustible material which also means no rot, mold or decay over time
  • Available in a variety of colours and patterns, we offer sound absorption with curb appeal!
  • Architectural accessories available


SoftSound™ by Design absorptive noise barrier systems are an excellent choice to provide a quiet environment from nearby road traffic, rail corridors, or cam be used to provide privacy from any source of disturbance. SoftSound™ features maintenance free, modular panels that are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns to meet your architectural requirements. Our sound absorptive noise barriers are approved for use by the MTO and are duly listed on the DSM List for use on Ontario’s provincial roads and highways.

Manufactured in our climate controlled, CSA Certified facility we adhere to a rigorous quality control and product testing program that meets and exceeds the highest standards for quality and engineering in the industry ensuring a product that will stand the test of time.

SoftSound™ by Design noise barrier systems provide years of maintenance free performance, are expertly engineered and ready to make your next project a success. Let our experienced team help you with your next design.

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Transparent noise barrier panels are also available from Design Concrete which can be used as stand-alone barriers or can also be used in conjunction with precast noise barrier panels. The use of Transparent Noise Barrier panels is quickly becoming more prevalent in North American Noise Barrier Walls.

Advantages of using Transparent Panels in Noise Barrier walls include the following:

The lightweight properties of Acrylite® provides reduced dead loading for structures, ideal solution for structure mounted noise barrier walls:

  • Extremely resistant to weathering and UV exposure
  • Maintains scenic vistas (scenic views, commercial visibility for businesses)
  • Reduces the overall visual impact of taller walls
  • Reduces visual intrusiveness for drivers
  • Maintenance free product
  • Self-cleaning

Transparent Noise Barrier Panels are available in a variety of configurations:

  • Concrete Framed Transparent Panel: Reinforced Concrete Frame – (4) sided
  • Steel Framed Transparent Panel: (3) or (4) sided framed panels
  • Extruded Aluminum Transparent Panel: (3) or (4) sided framed panelsFrames can be supplied coated or anodized finish

Transparent Sheet can be supplied clear colourless, coloured or even Non-Transparent (opaque with colour)

  • Bird Deterrent Film available for regular sheet
  • Acrylite® GSCC Fragment Retention Sheets available for all panel types (integral polyamide filaments)



Design Concrete has chosen Schoeck Canada to offer 'COM-Bar', a glass fiber reinforced polymer reinforcement bar. GFRP rebar has higher tensile strength, is resistant to corrosion and much lighter than steel.

Advantages of using GFRP rebar are as follows:

  • Reduced cover requirements for slender panel designs
  • Non-conductive reinforcement of panels
  • Field cut panels require no end treatment to protect exposed rebar


Design Concrete offers anti-graffiti treatments for our concrete products, this treatment is applied during the manufacturing process, prior to shipment to site. Our standard anti-graffiti solution is a sacrificial, non-toxic product which is safe for the environment. When a wall panel is tagged, the graffiti resides on the top of the surface coating. The graffiti is then removed along with the sacrificial coating. The anti-graffiti coating is then re-applied to the affected portion of the wall and ready to protect again. Advantages of this feature is as follows:

  • Non-toxic protection that will not adversely affect the environment
  • Coating applied during the manufacturing process under controlled conditions
  • Coating will not adversely affect the original surface
  • Different packages are available for removal and maintenance
  • Variety of options are available to suit specific project requirements




What are the standard Sound By Design precast noise barrier panel sizes?

A single SoftSound by Design™ absorptive noise barrier panel measures 527mm high by 3590mm long and is 127mm thick. Panel lengths are based on a standard spacing on 3630mm, centre to centre of post.

Are there different colour and/or pattern options available for the noise barrier panels?

Yes, noise barrier panels are available in a variety of standard colours and patterns to suit your project. Custom colours and colour matching is available on request. Design Concrete can incorporate customized signature panels, logos, names, patterns or textures into our noise barrier panels.

Where is the product manufactured?

Design Concrete Systems Limited is located in Seaforth, Ontario, Canada. We manufacture all of our precast products in our CSA certified facilities, adhering to a stringent quality control and inspection program, manufacturing our products to meet the highest quality standards.

Why are precast concrete products better?

"Precast" means simply, that the concrete product was manufactured in a climate controlled facility, as opposed to concrete that is cast in place on site and is exposed to the elements. This allows for better control of the quality of the finished product.

"Because precast concrete products typically are produced in a controlled environment, they exhibit high quality and uniformity. Variables affecting quality typically found on a job site – temperature, humidity, material quality, craftsmanship – are nearly eliminated in a plant environment."
(NPCA – )



Does Design Concrete install the product, or do I?

Design Concrete is capable of providing solutions for both a design and supply only, and design, supply and installation project scenarios. We have an established and experienced network of qualified installers, capable of installing our products on your project in a timely and expert manner. For all projects, Design Concrete will provide experienced in-house project management support for the duration of the project.

How long does it take to install a sound barrier wall?

The length of time required to install a noise barrier wall varies depending on the size of the wall, scope of work to be completed and the general site conditions of the project. In general terms, with favourable site conditions, an experienced installation crew is able to install approximately 150 standard sized noise barrier panels per day, after the posts have set and cured the appropriate length of time.

What area does Design Concrete service?

We currently service Canada and the USA with our diverse product offerings for both our Noise Barrier Systems and Earth Retaining Wall Systems.



Does Design Concrete keep an inventory of standard noise barrier products?

Yes, we keep an inventory of standard sized panels at our facility, allowing us to service our customers quickly and efficiently.

How are custom orders processed?

Custom orders for products are produced on a per project basis. The availability and delivery of custom orders is influenced by the complexity and volume of product associated with the order. Please contact us for more information on placing a custom order at 1-877-253-4577 or email:

How will my order be shipped?

In general, Design Concrete will arrange all of the shipping and logistics for our customers. Our customers are welcome to arrange their own shipping services, if they have them readily available.

How can I get a quote?

To provide an accurate quote, we will need to discuss with you, and evaluate the requirements of your project. Please feel free to contact us at 1-877-253-4577 or email: and a memeber of our sales staff will be happy to help.


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