Segmental Retaining Walls

Retain-A-Rock™ is a complete segmental retaining wall system designed around a 24 square foot block. End blocks, top caps, and half blocks are readily available to complete almost any design.

Mariner Segmental Retaining Walls

  • Retain-A-Rock™ is a segmental retaining wall system which relies on its mass and interlocking design to provide stability without the use of mechanical tiebacks.*
  • Our precast retaining wall system is designed for any application, commercial, residential, and shoreline protection.
  • Significant installation savings, other systems require between 5-12 more blocks to equal one 24 square foot Retain-A-Rock™.
  • True gravity walls, eliminating the use of mechanical tie-backs and geo-grid up to 15 feet in most cases.
  • Unique hollow design provides integrated drainage system and maximizes freight costs (230 lbs/sq. ft.).
  • Blocks are self-aligning, locking each layer into the one below ensuring precise layout.
  • 6000 psi high strength concrete designed to withstand freeze/thaw cycles.


Design Concrete’s precast retaining wall blocks provide a true gravity retaining wall system and are quickly becoming a standard in the industry. Retain-A-Rock™ offers many advantages over other retaining wall systems, with a staggering 24 square feet of face per block, our segmental precast retaining walls can be erected much faster than other smaller block systems. While Retain-A-Rock™ was designed for large commercial retaining wall projects it’s advantages can be used by anyone.

Retain-A-Rock™ is installed using equipment which eliminates costly manual labor that is required for most retaining wall systems. Our product has the ability to create 15 foot high retaining walls without the use of geo-grid in most applications. Higher retaining walls can be achieved without mechanical connections, using geo-grid.

tRAR 02 Segmental Retaining WallsRetain-A-Rock™ is a complete segmental retaining wall system designed around a 24 square foot block. Accessories are readily available to complete almost any wall, including end blocks, top caps, and half blocks. The blocks are cast in a high quality mold, formed to maintain accuracy on every piece. The quality of precast versus poured in place concrete ensures the long life of the retaining wall blocks.

Upon installation, the blocks are filled with specified aggregate to create a self-draining wall system and achieving a 100% connection between blocks. All components are produced in our CSA certified facility and are designed to comply with the Ontario Highway Bridge Design Code. With professional engineering assistance available we look forward to working with you on all of your concrete retaining wall projects.


Our Retain-A-Rock™ retaining wall system can also be used as a cost effective alternative to gabion baskets. Traditional gabions have been used for many years for commercial, industrial and road projects as a way to create gravity retaining walls. Gabion retaining structures are filled with rock at the project site by hand, which leads to extensive manual labour. Retain-A-Rock’s hollow design provides an effective drainage system without the time consuming manual labour associated with gabion retaining walls.

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